Saturday, April 17, 2010

Post Red...

About a week ago I got back from the red and I already miss it. This was my first real chance of the season to climb on some routes and get my mind off of things in atlanta. Me and sarah went up to T-wall for a few hours the prior weekend and I ended up sending psychopath 13b and she crushed curb sandwich 12a, we called it a day after that and headed out to eat. Going to the red was more of a vacation than an attempt to send as many routes as I could, although I had been hearing about how amazing Ultra Perm was and wanted to send that one and ended up being successful!! Me and sarah drove up friday, met up with a huge crew from the gym, and left nine days later with a little more endurance than we came with, and much better lead heads. I was glad that I had lots of power to compensate for my lack of endurance, because I found my self easily bolt to bolting lines, but trying much harder to link the whole climbs. I am planning on heading back in about seven weeks and cannot stop thinking about what new climbs I want to get on. I am also planning to stay for three weeks, so hopefully I can send some harder lines! Here are some of the amazing climbs I was able to manage to send:

40 oz- 13a
Taste the rainbow- 13a (Hold Broke on the Onsight!!)
Dirty Smelly Hippy- 13b
Cut Throat- 13b
Paradise Lost- 13b
Ultra Perm- 13c/d

I was happy about doing a small handful of new climbs and jumping into routes and starting out the season with some fantastic lines. I have a list of so many climbs I would love to send on my next trip up, and hopefully I will be able to send the majority of them!