Monday, October 19, 2009


Horse Pens 40

Me and Sarah on a freezing winterish day

Finally, the cold is coming, the temps are dropping, and bouldering season is arriving. It's about time to unclip, untie, grab your pads and warm clothes and wrestle some pebbles!

This weekend was FREEZING. It was the first real weekend of cold and of course I failed to bring my sleeping bag and down jacket. On the bright side, when the sun did come out, the bouldering was really fun. At first warming up was a really arduous task, but as my hands and body started to warm up I managed to flash a cool V8 called short long. Also that day I kinda flashed Cuts like a knife low V7 ( I had done the stand start). After that I climbed a really beta intensive v7 called missing the point and the next day flashed wasteland V7. Other than that I feel like I'm just getting into the groove of bouldering again and am psyched to keep getting better!!
I can tell this will be a good season, for I also want to do some route climbing in between all this bouldering, and I feel like I'm getting much stronger!! Here are some pics.....

The pick directly up is me on
Slush puppy low v8...

Me playing on the mega classic Slider V9. The friction was horrible on account of the slight mist.

Litz Pocket Problem V8. This one is really cool, with a huge swing for the last move!

Joey Bakos battling the nasty sloper on Wasteland V7

Litz Pocket

Here is my Sarah Bain Testing her pinchy sloper strength on the ultra classic Man with a slow hand V4

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I made the best of the SAT day that I could....Oct 10th

The start of the Marietta Mangler V10/11
Me playing on Pursuit of Crappiness V10

Today I took the SAT but quickly afterward went to a small local bouldering spot in metro Atlanta called the Marietta Mangler. I went with my lovely girlfriend Sarah to take some pics for my new sponsors Kuhl and Redpoint Nutrition!!! Kuhl makes some kick ass clothing that will make you look good and cool (punny!) and CRANK, made by Redpoint Nutrition, will allow you to train harder and excel at an expedited rate!!!!! After all that we went to the most badass restaurant ever called Nori Nori, sick jap restaurant!! Here are some pics and a video of me flashing some problem on the "half way" boulder to the
mangler, I think it's somewhere from V5+ to V7- or v17. haha cool climb though. Bad holds to smaller crimps with big moves!!!! PEACE!

Playin on a project at the mangler
The v8- crux of the mangler after the v6 crux

My girl Sarah Bain on the last crux of the Mangler.
Workin her new project, Anthrax V7
Me trying my contrived new mini-project on
the half-way boulder. I think it is really hard!

This is the first move that I almost stuck. Two
bad crimps to a bad downsloaping ledge. I never
did stick it but this "almost moment "
was taken by the lovely Sarah Bain!!

Sarah's first plate at Nori Nori!!
3rd plate down, five more to go!
And Dessert!!!
My drunken mom and step-dad

Me and my beautiful Sarah at Nori Nori