Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bouldering season is coming to an end...

The weather is getting much warmer and I am still not wanting to let go of bouldering. I had an amazing season bouldering with good friends and good sessions. Lots of laughs and new people to laugh with. In two weeks the route season will officially begin because me and Sarah are going to the Red for a week, so I hope I can build some endurance there and maybe even send some new climbs!!
This weekend was extremely warm and we had plans to go to Alabama, however the whole crew, which included my lovely Sarah, Joey and Daniel Bakos, and myself decided to drive up to rocktown instead. We left after I got off of work and headed up. I wasn't too extremely psyched to go, but was really exited just to climb on rock. Right as I began to warm up I realized it was extremely warm and route season is coming. I think every one of us realized that. We warmed up in the orb area where joey and daniel played around on the greasy slopers of the orb, but no bueno for either of them. Next we headed down to the vagina area where Sarah tried the Island of beautiful women and Daniel and Joey tried the vagina. Every body came super close but no sends, just lots of grease. Right before we headed down to the vagina area I ran down to see if the little cave that the womb was in was cooler in temperature and surely enough it was. Having done the womb I was interested in seeing if there were any close and similar lines, and found one. I found holds that came out of the middle of the womb, so I excitedly brushed them off, had sarah take pictures and started to attempt the moves. At first they felt extremely difficult! I could hold them but not move off of them but after about thirty minutes of figuring it out I managed to send! The climb felt much harder than the womb but it was a little warm so I estimate it to be V9ish. Assuming it was a first ascent I called it the Discharge. After that we went to the back, I sent the sit to the comet, than climbed on some classics and we all hungrily headed out.

Sarah on the Island of Beautiful Women

Joey on Swamp Sauce

Me trying to figure out which holds to use

Me on the fourth move with a retard looking hand ha!

Checkin out the holds

Video of the Discharge V9?? I need consensus

If anyone knows of this climb or knows if it isn't or is an FA than please comment!!

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